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The easiest way to be kept up to date with new news on the Te Karere Ipurangi website is via Twitter. To do so you can sign up with Twitter and go to out Karere Twitter page at http://twitter.com/karere and click the Follow button.

1) Join Twitter here
2) Go to http://twitter.com/karere and click Follow

All done. You are now following Te Karere Ipurangi and will receive notifications when we add new news items to our website.

Te Karere Ipurangi on your Cellphone:
Alternatively if you want to receive notifications live on your cellphone you can use a wide range of applications that are available for your particular phone that allow for Twitter notifications. One such application is Fring. Fring can be installed on many of the latest cell phones such as PDA phones and will allow you to access your Twitter account on your phone thus receiving updates to your phone as they are added to the website.

Te Karere Ipurangi on your Desktop:
To receive live notifications of new news updates on your computer desktop you can also use applications like Tweetdeck which will sit in your computers system tray and notify you of any new Twitter updates.

Te Karere Ipurangi - Latest news on your website or blog:
If you want our Maori News feed on your website or blog site you can use this link - http://maorinews.com/karere/?feed=rss2