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Fiji Coup Supplement - May 24, 2000


May 24, 2000. 1.50pm.
Small Predictions


Kia ora koutou

Sitiveni Rabuka has been saying today that whatever they do in Suva, they will be internationally condemned. He's perhaps got a good idea already of what they will do.

I think that they will go for the best Pacific cultural option, which will be to let the coup members off quite lightly and to bring them back into the whanau. Reconciliation rather than retribution. They might even get pardoned. Mahendra Chaudhry will need to go, one way or another, lest the Fiji Islands erupt into a killing frenzy, but it seems he won't go quietly.

Ratu Mara and Sitiveni Rabuka will do their best to keep everything within the constitution, even if it will be only by a slim margin. They're both committed to the constitution, but it may well be amended some over the coming months. And they neither of them want to be ejected from the Commonwealth again. My opinion is that they're both too tied to the Commonwealth, and that the sooner that White Boy's Club is broken up the better.

Whatever happens, standby for a feeding frenzy of outraged condemnation to erupt in our Parliament, and in the media, starting as soon as Mara and Rabuka and the Chiefs work out how they're going to do this in a Fijian way.

This whole event is just another illustration of how white cultural mores, and white ways of thinking, are being imposed on the whole world, through diplomatic pressure, through the imposed global economic system, through the Commonwealth, APEC, WTO, IMF, WB, WEF, EU, NAFTA, etc. There really is a world-wide tide of re-colonisation in full flow at the moment, disguised as economics, as democracy, and as human rights.

Not that I'm against democracy and human rights (collective as well as individual), when they are promoted in culturally appropriate ways. All too often however they are used as clubs to bludgeon countries into conformity to European cultural norms.

This global tide of re-colonisation is a far greater enemy to us than the things we tend to focus on in our struggles with our own puny little government (by comparison). They too are (willingly) caught up in the global tide. The (white) international outrage at what will happen in Fiji, and the bullying they will receive, is as much a threat to us as to the Fijians. Have you ever noticed how "international" condemnation really means white condemnation?

Heoi ano, na
Ross Nepia Himona


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