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May 27, 2000 - 4.00pm
FIJI - Send a message to the New Zealand Government



To all international visitors,


These are the ministers in the New Zealand Cabinet who are involved in Foreign Affairs and indigenous Maori Affairs.

I think that it is important that the New Zealand and Australian governments tone down their rhetoric, and show a lot more understanding.

Those who are so inclined might consider emailing them to urge them to adopt a compassionate and understanding approach, and to put away the big stick of indignation. Urge them to temper their views with consideration for the indigenous values and views of  the numerous indigenous peoples and nations of the Pacific. And urge them also to offer support to the indigenous leaders of Fiji in finding a practical and peaceful solution, their way.

pm@ministers.govt.nz Helen Clark (Prime Minister)
dpm@ministers.govt.nz Jim Anderton (Deputy PM)
pgoff@ministers.govt.nz Phil Goff (Foreign Affairs)
mrobson@ministers.govt.nz  Matt Robson (Assoc FA)
phodgson@ministers.govt.nz Pete Hodgson (Assoc FA)
dsamuels@ministers.govt.nz Dover Samuels (Maori Affairs)
slee@ministers.govt.nz Sandra Lee (Assoc MA)
mburton@ministers.govt.nz Mark Burton (Defence)
mwilson@ministers.govt.nz Margaret Wilson (Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations)

You should note that they prefer to be addressed by their first names.

Ross Nepia Himona


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