Te Karere Ipurangi
Fiji Coup Supplement

June 1st, 2000
FIJI - A letter to the First Nations of Canada

Allan Torbitt
Principal Advisor, International/Intergovernmental Affairs
Assembly of First Nations
One Nicholas Street, Suite#1002
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 7B7
Tel: (613) 241-6789 (ext. 270)
Fax: (613) 241-5806


Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, Maori have been concerned to moderate and blunt our government's meddling, provocative and culturally insensitive response to the events in Fiji. We generally do not support the coup in Fiji, but neither do we support our government's arrogant assumption that Aotearoa New Zealand has the right to interfere in what is happening there.

Our brothers and sisters in Fiji are at a major disadvantage in the propaganda war being waged against them, because they do not control any of the media or internet resources in their own country. The international media, particularly the Australian and New Zealand media, have been complicit in the denigration of Indigenous Fijians and their causes.This website has become, as far as I know, the only one putting the indigenous view to the world.

< http://maorinews.com/karere/fiji >.

At a meeting of the Commonwealth this month, Australia and New Zealand intend to try to discuss the possibility of suspending Fiji from the Commonwealth. We would greatly appreciate statements of solidarity by the First Peoples of Canada, and if possible, lobbying of the Canadian Government to stifle the efforts of the Australian and New Zealand governments at the Commonwealth.

Yours in solidarity
Ross Himona
Te Karere Ipurangi
Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington)
Aotearoa New Zealand


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