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A Letter to the Editor of The Age, Melbourne, Australia
received - June 6th, 2000

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From: Tom Collins
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 9:12 PM

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

It is just great to see Australian Union Solidarity in action once again, in the interests of the Australian worker. I watch in amazement as the" COMRADES" from the 1950s' combine against the New World terror, that misguided indigenous Fijian Nationalist George Speight. (Methinks just an easy target) The new Gladiator of the Union Movement , Ms Sharon Burrow has threatened union blockades on Shipping, Airlines, Mail and Financial services.

What an absolute "Disgrace". Ms Burrow "Who do you think this reactionary terror , AND DECLARATION OF ECONOMIC WAR , against the small nation of Fiji , as advocated by you will affect?", Certainly not those that are in power , it will only affect the already poverty stricken indigenous Fijian " While in no way endorsing the direct action of George Speight , I would suggest that there is much more to this problem of disenfranchisement than which has been glibly referred to as a simple problem of racism. A word used as a cudgel by left wing ragbags, with which to king hit their opponents , to such an extent , that it has almost lost any meaning.

One must at least attempt to view the situation from the perspective of these passive people. (The indigenous Fijian) The invasion by Indian workers of their land, Fiji, would be no different from the alleged forced population of Australia by the then British Colonial power, and as such, these powers should now accept responsibility for their actions. This responsibility should encompass the repatriation (to their country of origin) of those who have no allegiance with this once Garden of Eden," Fiji". Australia through its involvement via CSR, should also accept responsibility for its part in this unfortunate consequence of careless commercial ventures, and offer to make amends by paying for the repatriation to their respective countries of origin.

To Ms Burrow and the rapidly shrinking Comrades in the Union Movement, what is the difference between the battle for sovereignty for Australian Aborigines whom you support, and the unfortunate plight of the Indigenous Fijians who not only perceive themselves as strangers in their own land, but have in fact been alienated from control of their own destiny?

So Comrades before you vent the bile of your own frustrations, on the people of Fiji !

How about a mile in their shoes?

Tom Collins
Emu Plains 2750


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