Fiji Coup Supplement


10th July 2000

The following is a list received from a contact in Fiji on 9th July. It seems to be a list put together by Indo-Fijian activists in Aotearoa New Zealand. Given the spate of recent activity in support of the coup-makers, these Indian blacklisters will be very busy indeed adding to their list.


"The Fiji Black LIST"

Canadia Committee for Democratic Rights in Fiji (CCDRF) received the following list from its sister organization, Coalition for Democratic Fiji organisation in NZ, also dedicated to fighting democracy for Fiji and to bringing the culprits to justice.

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:12:39 +1000
From:"Coaltion for Democracy in Fiji, NZ"
Fiji Coup - 19 May 2000 - Names of 65 Hostage-takers and Supporters

These names have been gathered from newspaper reports and other reliable sources. The list is far from complete and more names will be added later.

  1. George Speight - self proclaimed Prime Minister and coup-attempt leader
  2. Ratu Timoci Silatolu – Deputy-Prime Minister in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  3. Ratu Rakiuta Vakalalabure - Attorney General in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  4. Ratu Viliame Volavola - Minister of Works in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  5. Iliesa Duvuloco - Minster of Lands in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  6. Isireli Leweniqila - Minister for Tourism in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  7. Navitalai Naisoro - Minister of Finance in self-proclaimed Taukei government.
  8. Simione Kaitani - Minister for Information in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  9. Peceli Rinikama - Minister for Youth in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  10. Ratu Jope Naucubalavu Seniloli - President of the Republic of Fiji in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  11. Ratu Tu’akitau Cakonauto - offered Ministry of Fijian Affairs but wanted to be Prime Minister in self-proclaimed Taukei government
  12. Josefa Nata - negotiator and spokesman for self-proclaimed Taukei government
  13. Simione Drole - Assistant Minister of Works in self-proclaimed Taukei government, recent graduate of an Australian university
  14. Viliame Sausauwai - self-proclaimed Taukei government member (portfolio not known)

Prominent Supporters (28)

  1. James Ah Koy - former Minister of Finance in SVT government (previous 1987 – 1999 government, which lost 1999 elections), prominent Businessman, George Speight’s mentor, currently in New Zealand.
  2. Sam Speight (a.k.a Savenaca Tokainavo) - SVT (Main Opposition Party) MP and George Speight’s father. He knew of his son's intention to take over the government at gun point.
  3. Ratu lnoke Kubuabola - Leader of SVT Party and Leader of the Opposition
  4. Berenado Vunibobo - SVT Senator, a former Minister of Finance
  5. Ahmed Ali - SVT Senator, former Fiji Consul in Auckland, New Zealand
  6. Mere Samisoni - business woman, defeated SVT candidate
  7. Jimione Samisoni - husband of Mere Samisoni, former Principal of Fiji School of Medicine
  8. Ateca Williams - wife of Ivan Williams (resident representative in Fiji of Southern Queensland University)8
  9. Adi Finau Tabakaucoro - former Senator, Taukei Movement supporter
  10. Adi Litia Cakobau - Taukei Movement supporter
  11. Ro Filipe Tuisawau - Rewa chief and employee of South Pacific Forum Secretariat
  12. Apisai Tora - defeated PANU Party candidate, leader of Taukei Movement
  13. Ilisoni Ligairi- former SAS Officer in British Army, Fiji Armed Forces Meridian Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit trainer, Commanding Officer of Armed Gunmen
  14. Sereana Qoro - former Chief Executive, Housing Authority of Fiji
  15. Sitiveni Welelekeba - Chief Executive, Fijian Holdings Ltd
  16. 16.Major Jo Savua - brother of Commissioner of Police, Isikia Savua
  17. Jone Banuve - SVT Party General Secretary
  18. Ema Druavesi - SVT Party spokeswoman
  19. Misa Lesuma - former Chairperson, Fiji Water Authority
  20. Maika Qarikau - Managing Director, Native Land Trust Board (NLTB)
  21. Viliame Volavola - FAP Party MP
  22. Samuela Matawalu – Suva-based lawyer
  23. Esira Rabuno - FAP Party MP
  24. Sakiusa Rabuka - government lawyer, legal adviser to Ratu Inoke Kubuabola
  25. Ratu Apenisa Cakobau - Taukei Movement supporter
  26. Jone Kauvesi – SVT, former Suva City Mayor
  27. Epeli Ligairi- ex-US resident, charged for pedophile and pornography in the US
  28. Ratu Josefa Dimuri - former SVT MP and Assistant Minister for Information8

Other Supporters (23)

  1. Torika Rawlinson - George Speight’s current partner
  2. Ratu Meli Loki – villager, brother of Simione Kaitani
  3. Sakeo Tuiwanikai - former MP, Macuata
  4. Ratu Tevita Bolobolo - Tui Navitilevu
  5. Eroni Lewaqai - Sabeto villager, Taukei Movement
  6. Veresi Bainivualiku - President, University of the South Pacific Students Association
  7. Jone Ratu – Rewa villager
  8. Arieta Gulevu8
  9. Esther Speight - sister of George Speight and current lover of Epenisa Cakabau
  10. Alafina Vuki - civil servant in PSC, advisor to Adi Litia Cakobau
  11. Lesikiyanawai - former travel agent
  12. Samu Konataci - real estate agent and activist for Naitasiri and Monasavu issues
  13. Ratu lnoke Takiveikata, Qaranivalu and chief of Navuso, Natasiri Vili Tikotani - Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit member
  14. Rev Poate Mata - Pastor, Head of Apostolic Church located at Sekoula Road, Laucala Beach Estate (ex QVS, farmer, Personnel Manager, Shell)
  15. Sevuloni Valetabua - Lawyer
  16. Jo Tuberi - believed to be Iniasi Vodo Tuberi - Lawyer
  17. Tevita Bukarau - Lawyer, Military Officer
  18. Saula Telawa - successor to late Mr Butadroka, Leader of Fijian Nationalist Party*
  19. Peni Kauvere - Viti Cauravou Group – Ministry of Fijian Affairs employee
  20. Jioji Bakaso - ex - Fiji army, businessman and farmer, involved in 1987 coups
  21. Tony Stephens - infamous businessman and con artist
  22. Ratu Aca Soqosoqo - Kadavu chief
  23. Thomas Vosalevu - Muamua villager, led groups terrorising and looting in Muaniweni


Fiji Coup Supplement


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