Fiji Coup Supplement


6th July 2000


Dear Karere,

I am a Papua New Guinean, who is so frustrated with comments made in the media by White Australians and New Zealanders. These white have blown the Fiji coup out of proportion to save their own asses in Australia and New Zealand. They have taken land from Aborigines and Maoris and now they want Indians to take away land from the indigenous Fijians. Their comments and threats for economic sanctions are merely done to cover up what their forefathers have done in this part our world, Zimbabwe and some other countries around the world.

The Fiji coup in justified from the a indigenous rights perpective and every South Pacific Islander is in support it. Democracy brought us this problem, so it should take second place, and what is done by George Speight is justified.

Indigenous Melanesian and South Pacific Islander.

Fiji Coup Supplement


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