Fiji Coup Supplement


His Excellency The High Commissioner
Embassy of the Sovereign Republic of Fiji
31 Pipitea Street

19th July 2000


Your Excellency, ni sa bula

We have heard today that our New Zealand Government has imposed a range of extra sanctions against your country. We have heard also that they intend to summons you to formally express their dissatisfaction at the events of the moment, and I understand, their dissatisfaction with your President's recent choice of cabinet ministers.

Our Prime Minister has also stated that "until normalcy is restored" New Zealand's relationship with Fiji will be "stiff, distant and formal."

Your Excellency, I and many other Maori supporters of Fiji would like you to know that we do not agree with the attitudes and actions of our government, nor with their culturally biased assessment of the situation in your country. Nor do we share their obvious disdain for the ability of the present Fijian leadership to guide your country safely through this continuing situation. For our part, we are confident that your people know best what is needed in your country, and that in time Fiji will find a way forward that meets the needs of all your citizens.

Be assured Sir that I and many others will not adopt the "stiff, distant and formal relationship" that our government intends, and that we will continue to hold our Fijian brothers and sisters in the highest regard, within the ancient bonds of Pacific kinship.

I would be grateful if you would convey these thoughts to your Government at your convenience. I will also be publishing this letter to the Te Karere Ipurangi network, and asking that they email their support to you.

I remain,
yours in solidarity,

Ross Nepia Himona
Te Karere Ipurangi & Te Putatara

Fiji Coup Supplement


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