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The Truth
(Ministry of Information, Suva)
29th August 2000


Ganesh Chand ­ Academic or Email Freak??


Ganesh Chand is at it again.

Circulating malicious email via his Labour Party cronies overseas.

Some are based in London called the Movement for Democracy in Fiji and have members like Yusuf Roshan, Victor Lal and Raymond Croxon who have bombarded the Fiji media with their propaganda.

Their form of propaganda is subtle. They write as if not connected to each and pose as authorities on subjects related to the crisis of May 19.

Victor Lal appeared as a regular columnist on a local daily. Raymond Croxon appeared in a separate daily as a reputable Queens Counsel of the U.K.

Yusuf Roshan sent vindictive email on unsuspecting individuals in Fiji and put so many of them on a supposedly Œblack list¹ that foreign missions had of locals.

Now Ganesh Chand is using another movement ­ this is based in Canada and staffed by some former Fiji Indians, namely headed by one Ashok Dutta who uses the email address

Yushuf Roshan and his London-based Movement sent the emails with the address This email address was the subject of a story on FM96 news which stated that it had lodged a complaint with Fiji¹s sole ISP provider that was circulating unwanted and unbecoming email.

What are we to expect of these Labour Party stooges.?They are a shame to the indo-Fijian community.

Is this how they operated with regards to the National Federation Party?

Did they circulate lies about Jai Ram Reddy to win the ¹99 general election?

Are these the same people who would lobby and inundate institutions with their views so that their goal is finally achieved.

Maybe Ganesh Chand should come out of his closet. Was he the unashamedly head of the USP Cane Belt Mafia ­ the Indo-Fijian group of academics at the USP campus who threatened and pushed their way forward for promotions on the USP campus?

Come clean Ganesh.

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