Fiji Coup Supplement


"The Truth"
Ministry of Information, Suva)
28 August, 2000


Chaudhry's campaign to regain power has bogged down in India and become a money gathering game, says a government spokesman.

"Will this be another 1987 money harvest with no accountability of amounts collected and with the expenditure kept secret?  Obviously the 1987 files have been lost and nobody in the Fiji Labour Party wants to talk about them.  Though Chaudhry is seeing all and sundry in India it is all a show of ethnic solidarity.

"For instance what does Sonya Gandhi know about Fiji and the socio-economic situation of its indigenous people and their rights and aspirations.  Her pronouncements on Fiji are hollow and of no consequence".

"The campaign to denigrate Fijian leadership in India will be counterproductive.  Besides India cannot intervene in Fiji's affairs.  If India embarks on an international campaign to destabilise the interim administration or to hurt Fiji through economic sanctions it will be responsible for undermining our economic recovery.  It will also be guilty of delaying the return of democracy speedily as the interim administration intends.

"There is already an administration in place, appointed by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga, which alone has the power in the present situation to determine who shall govern.  Chaudhry must accept he is now history.  He will have to wait till the new constitution and the next general election".


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