Fiji Coup Supplement


"The Truth"
Ministry of Information, Suva)
4 September, 2000


Those who watched Hard Talk on BBC this morning would have seen Mahendra Chaudhry exposed as a self-seeking, self-serving individual, hungry for power.

The interviewer made Chaudhry admit that his Government failed to take note of widespread indigenous Fijian opposition to his government.  Feebly Chaudhry blamed his FAP Minister for Home Affairs.

The interviewer also made Chaudhry fully aware that his son¹s appointment had the appearance of nepotism.

It was revealed by the interviewer that while the British Government favoured a return to democracy in Fiji, that did not include a call for Chaudhryís own restoration.

Chaudhry was critical of the Fiji Military Forces; accusing its members of lacking credibility and stating clearly that he did not trust them.

In this context he indicated that he wanted himself returned to power with the help of what he called necessary outside supervision.  In practice this means outside military intervention to supervise the Fiji Military Forces.  In short, Chaudhry wants foreign soldiers on Fijian soil with power to direct Fijians soldiers and the Fiji Military Force.

As interviewer Tim Sebastian established through Chaudhry¹s answers this overseas campaign is about bringing Chaudhry back as head of his old ousted Government.  Thus truth is revealed, the Chaudhry campaign overseas is for Chaudhry himself for Chaudhry to have power.

Chaudhry is solely interested in Chaudhry and not Fiji.

Ratu Inoke Kubuabola
Minister for Information.

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