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"The Truth"
Ministry of Information, Suva)
5 September, 2000    


The behaviour of failed former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock and his wife Glenys Kinnock as officials of the European0 Union in blindly supporting Chaudhry are putting in doubt the integrity of the European Union and endangering Fiji¹s economy and security.

These two obsolete Labour people Tony Blair removed to Europe to enable him to govern Britain with good sense.

The Kinnocks in Brussels are behaving like old imperialists forever preaching and coercing their irrelevancies upon the coloured nations of the world.

Worse they use their influence and power to play a negative interventionist role in developing nations like ours.  

Having listened only to Chaudhry¹s biased views they are rushing into action threatening Fiji with sanctions.

Their sanctimonious threats are as disgraceful as they are undemocratic.  The European Union agreed to consider the Fiji situation following a report from the Pacific Region delegation of the ACP which recently visited Fiji on a fact-finding mission.

The Kinnocks have already decided on a course of action without receiving this report.

The Kinnocks are not objective and impartial, instead they are left-wing partisans interested in coercing their ideology upon others; this is a form of neo-racism.

They reflect the kind of crusading bigotry that in the last two centuries has undermined, destroyed and disinherited indigenous peoples the world over.

We in Fiji have always enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the European Union, a mutually beneficial relationship.  We want this strengthening relationship to remain.

The European Union should safeguard this relationship, and not allow the Kinnocks and their kind to destroy it.

Fiji needs fairness; the interim administration should be supported in its programme for economic recovery and restoration of democracy as well as providing socio-economic upliftment for indigenous Fijians.


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