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The ethnic unrest in Solomon Islands has taken a new turn. A third militia group emerged from the Western part of the country. The group is led by elements of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and involves people of Western Province.   Reports from Radio Australia say that the aim of the militiamen was to protect indegeneous people of Western Province from the unlawful activities of MEF.   Attached is copy of my viewpoint on the saga.  

Rence Sore


  Office of the Chairman
Solomon Islands Development Administration & Participatory
Planning Programme (SIDAPP)
Provincial Government Development Unit
P.O.Box 635
Solomon Islands


Press Release   For immediate release - Monday, June 12, 2000

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The unfortunate eruption of the dormant volcano of racial debate in Western Province has taken a worst turn in contemporary history. In the process, reports say that Taro Police Station was raided, town of Gizo controlled by Militiamen and an innocent bystander strangled to dead.

The simultaneous occurrences of these illegal activities have caused me to release this news article, not only as a way of protest but also as a strong believer on national unity. My personal observations are as follows:

All arguments expressed in this Press Release are personal viewpoints. However, I claim to have adequate knowledge and understanding on the social, political and economical issues of the province.

In this connection, I am hopeful that all opinions raised have the general support of the people of Western Province.

For Information Contact:

Rence Sore
Chairman, Constituency Technical Komiti
South Vella la Vella Constituency
Telephone: 26358, 26560/61
Facsimile: 26458

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