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6 Jun 2000 - 10.00am


Transcript of News items broadcast by Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation this morning at 10.00am (courtesy of SIBC)



Prime Minister Bartholomew Ulufa'alu  says he was "alright" as he arrived this morning at his Office to join the meeting of the Parliamentary caucus currently underway in Honiara.

Mr Ulufa'alu was not in his official vehicle but was driven by chairman of the Government Caucus Enele Kwanairara with two heavily armed members of the Malaita Eagles Force as body guards.

Asked by an SIBC reporter if he was O.K, Prime Minister Ulufa'alu replied, "I'm alright".

A small crowd of people had also gathered outside of the Prime Minister's Office in the rain to see the Prime Minister arrive for the meeting.



The Governor General Sir Father John Ini Lapli is expected to soon announce the Prime Minister's decision whether to resign or remain in power.

Sir John has just concluded a meeting with leaders of yesterday's joint Police Para-military and Malaita Eagles Force this morning.

The joint operation yesterday demanded that the prime minister resign voluntarily.

The issue was discussed at yesterday's government caucus meeting and the Governor General was briefed by Prime Minister Ulufa'alu last night.

In the meantime, the government caucus continues with its meeting, discussing the incidents of yesterday.



Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon has condemned events in Solomon Islands, describing the detention of the prime minister as "deeply disturbing".

Mr McKinnon said the uprising was a "gross violation" of the Commonwealth's ideals, and called for Mr Ulufa'alu to be immediately reinstated.

The matter has been added to the agenda of a meeting in London of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, which is being attended by Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

The special meeting had been originally called to discuss the Fiji crisis.



Life in the capital Honiara is slowly returning to normal this morning after yesterday's take over by a joint operation of some members of the Police Field Force and the Malaita Eagle Force.

People are now moving about after the streets were deserted yesterday. Some shops are now open but most companies including the banks have advised their workers to remain at home until further notice. The banks are expected to open tomorrow.

Members of the joint operation are still manning the Solomon Telekom Office in the centre of town as the communication links with the rest of the world are still down.

The Government Caucus is expected to meet this morning to further discuss the demand by the joint operation for Prime Minister Ulufa'alu to resign.



The Isatabu Freedom Movement, IFM, of Guadalcanal condemns in the strongest terms the armed and unlawful takeover of the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara.

The action also include the detention and forceful call for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulufa'alu.

In a press statement, IFM, says the action by the Malaita Eagle Force and rogue elements of the Royal Solomon Islands Police in the early hours of yesterday is unconstitutional.

It says the fact that a democratically elected Prime Minister was forced to resign and the national parliament forced to convene by armed militants is undemocratic and should not be condoned.

The IFM views any decisions made by either the Prime Minister, members of his government and or the national parliament under these circumstances as illegitimate because they are made under duress.

It calls on all Solomon Islanders to openly condemn in the strongest terms, the action of the MEF and rogue elements of the police.


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