Ko Huiarau Speech
Chathams - 15 January 2000

[This is a verbatim transcript of a speech by Kohuiarau, with comments by Ross Nepia Himona, based on real research, in red]


Speech Begins.

This meeting opens with these words. Please remember them and please do not misquote them as spoken when you go away from here.

NO! Kohuiarau Native Parliament will not be doing a takeover of the present New Zealand Government system. It never has and never will.

However Kohuiarau Native Parliament will open on the 4 March 2000 and will operate alongside the present day system on behalf of all its registered members, both Maori and non-Maori.

[NOT TRUE: the NZ Government has not agreed to this arrangement]

This dual system of Parliament existed from the early 1850s until 1947 when the present day Taiopuru, at the age of nineteen, put Kohuiarau Native Parliament into recess. Under its constitution Kohuiarau could not come out of recess for fifty years.

[NOT TRUE: Section 71 of the 1852 Constitution Act permitted the Government to set apart districts within which the Laws, Customs and Usages of the aboriginal or native Inhabitants of New Zealand ... should be observed. This section was NEVER invoked by the Government, and a dual system was never established. The Kohuiarau Native Parliament NEVER existed, and is a figment of the imagination. See "Te Putatara" article on the real Maori parliament]

Fifty years to the day, 28 October 1997, Te Runanga Kohuiarau came out of recess at a hapu gathering at Alexander Park Raceway in Auckland, and since then we, the then hapu registered members anf the Tikanga Lawyer at Head office, have worked toward the reinstatement of Kohuiarau Native Parliament.

[the "Tikanga Lawyer" is Mary Christina Forbes, who calls herself Mary Mahinarangi Forbes, who is not a qualified lawyer, nor is she versed in tikanga]

Throughout this work, each stage of this reinstatement, Kohuiarau, through the Upper House, Te Whare Tairea, has notified Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and she in turn has notified the Governor General who in turn is required to notify the New Zealand Government. Ask yourself. If Kohuiarau was not a legitimate entity, our Executive and Upper House would all be facing charges of Treason. The reason why that has not happened is because we are a legitimate entity.

[NOT TRUE: Kohuiarau is certainly a legitimate 'legal' entity. However, the claim that the Queen has notified the GG, and that he is required to notify Govt, is false. Despite their thousands of false and possibly fraudulent claims, Kohuiarau's activities do not even approach the definition of Treason. The reference to Treason was raised by the speaker to impress the audience. Unfortunately many of their audiences are impressed by Kohuiarau's false claims]

On the 4th March 2000 the opening ceremony will take place in Auckland because that is where the last Native Parliament was convened in 1947. On that same day the present Government will still be there. Nothing will collapse. The Government of New Zealand and its associated Commercial and Social Sectors will continue to operate as it always has, except that Maori Assets and resources will come under the administration of Te Runanga o Kohuiarau, and our Members of Parliament will take up their rights under the Imperial and Patent Acts in place, to vote on issues pertaining to Maori in the New Zealand Government.

[Well, e hoa ma, 4th March has been and gone, and the NZ Govt still doesn't know that it is supposed to turn anything over to Kohuiarau. In fact it is doing a very good impression of totally ignoring Kohuiarau.

And the last "real" Maori Parliament was convened at Waiomatatini in Ngati Porou in 1902]

Kohuirau is not a political body such as the New Zealand Government. The New Zealand Government is made up of different parties with differing philosophical, social, economic and foreign policies.

Kohuiarau Native Parliament is made up of Hapu members from the seven and soon-to-be eight tribal areas throughout the territories of Aotearoa/New Zealand, with only one kaupapa - to protect the assets, resources and well being of its people.

[The seven/eight tribal areas recognised by Kohuiarau are not based in real Maori history but on the Pakeha-fabricated myth of the Great Fleet of seven waka. Some hapu that are supposed to be represented in Kohuiarau, are represented only by one or two members or pretending-chiefs who have not been so-authorised by their hapu, and are not recognised as rangatira or representatives by their hapu]

Kohuiarau will have its Defence Forces, the very same one that is presently in place, except we will have have our own representation and administration on co-existing partnership as it was in the beginning.

[NOT TRUE: I served as a commissioned officer in the NZ Army for 20 years, retiring in the rank of Major. The present Chief of General Staff, or professional head of the army, Major-General Maurice Dodson, is a personal friend of 38 years standing. He certainly does not know of this fictitious arrangement, nor did such an arrangement ever exist]

Aotearoa/New Zealand's first Naval Ship was owned and operated by Kohuiarau, but it was sold to the British. Kohuiarau however, continued to sell the coal to the new owners to run it. We owned the coal and we got paid for it.

[Absolute rubbish]

The New Zealand Police will continue to be the New Zealand Police and on the 4 March, Jono [the Chathams policeman] will still be a Police Officer to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.


Her ancestor, Queen Victoria, has her Seal, along with the seals of Captain William Hobson and Waikaro Tairea, Taiopuru of the day, on the Mandated Treaty, which is written on dogskin. This is what began this unique partnership.

[NOT TRUE: This supposed arrangement between the Crown, Hobson and "Waikato Tairea", and the supposed dogskin "Mandated Treaty", is much quoted by Kohuiarau cult followers. It is a total fabrication of lies, on which a mountain of other lies has been built]

We of Kohuiarau pledge allegience to, and are loyal servants of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth.

[Very commendable, except that she is not Queen of Ireland, and she is not Queen of the Commonwealth - she is Head of the Commonwealth. Not an important mistake, but it does show that the speaker was not well informed - well indoctrinated perhaps]

Over the last five decades of recess, the British Sovereigns have had their hands tied as far as Maori issues were concerned, because the direct acess that Maori enjoyed pre 1947 was taken away and we were then faced with taking our grievances to Court, then the High Court, then the Appeals Court, and then sometimes allowed to appeal to the Privy Council. A huge costly process that mostly left the appellant broke and no further down the line.

[There is a widespread and long-standing belief that the Treaty was between Queen Victoria and rangatira, and this caused many delegations to travel to England to unsuccessfully seek audiences with the Sovereign. The British Sovereigns have not had any power, including the power to enter into traeties, for hundreds of years. The "Crown" is actually the concept of the Sovereign in Parliament, and all real power rests in Parliament; therefore with the Government of the day. The Treaty was with the "Crown" not personally with Queen Victoria, even though it was in her name, as titular head of the Government, not the actual Head. There has never been direct access by Maori to the Sovereign]

From 4th March our direct communication with Her Majesty through the Taiopuru will again be restored and we Maori and non-Maori members of Kohuiarau will enjoy the benefits of what is ours.

[NOT TRUE: Kohuiarau has never had direct access, and still does not have direct access. James Ngatoa, who calls himself Taiopuru, does not and will never have direct access. The so-called "benefits" are the cynical promises of false prophets designed to keep Kohuiarau followers in the cult]

Yes, the New Zealand Police will still exist but our Maori Wardens will have the rights they had pre 1947 to serve their hapu members, as their Hapu Council decides.

[TRUE, but only just: The Maori Wardens were first introduced by the 1945 Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act, and they were responsible to tribal committees. This Act was replaced by the Maori Welfare Act 1962, which set up the NZ Maori Council. Maori Wardens then came under that structure. Maori Wardens never had powers of arrest, but they could control alcohol usage on Marae]

There are many Hapu oral histories of the no-nonsense zero tolerance attitude, of the Maori Wardens of old. In some cases members were far happier to have their cases tried by the New Zealand system than face the wrath of their own.

[Maori Wardens never had powers to police criminal activity, and tribal committees were never empowered, under either the 1945 Act or the 1962 Act, to try any cases]

Criminal Histories of members of Kohuiarau.
Members who have been tried and convicted in the New Zealand Justice system will have a clean slate to start off with, in Kohuiarau. A second chance, if you like, to make things right and the freedom to get on with life.

[Both James Ngatoa (Taiopuru ko Huiarau) and Reg Ruka (Head of Kohuiarau "security") would directly benefit from this, if it were true. Unfortunately their criminal records will not be expunged from the NZ Justice record]

Taonga includes treasures; riches; fortune; minerals; wealth; funds; hoards; hierlooms; artifacts; land; seas; rivers; air; biomass; natural; unnatural; physical; metaphysical and spiritual, matter, passed down from generation to generation and placed in care and protection of the Hapu with traditional ties to the Hapu area. Hapu decide what their taonga are. No one else. This is protected under The Treaty of Waitangi throughout all the Treaty articles.

[Unfortunately the "Crown", i.e. the government of NZ, has not yet agreed with this definition. This is another of the promises of the false prophets]

People who have stood on the mana of the local hapu by acts of word or deed can be summonsed to appear at your local Hapu-Marae Tribunals.

[Not yet they can't, and not likely either. More false prophecy]

This forum of justice is a legal forum and its constitution is written in the Upper House of Te Whare Tairea and through the Sovereignty of the Taiopuru on behalf of Maori registered in the Palace of St James, the Legal House of the Sovereign of Great Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth.

[NOT TRUE: Absolutely not true. The false prophet James Ngatoa has made all this up, in his over-fertile imagination]

Every one who is a New Zealand citizen and has been in the country for five years or more, has the right to register with Kohuiarau.

Make no mistake about this. Everyone has a right to register with Kohuiarau.

Because of the early resistance to the Kaupapa of Kohuiarau, mainly through fear of the unknown, eight Hapu throughout the seven main tribal areas became the Pilot Hapu that has brought Kohuiarau from out of recess to the present day.

[Implying 'fear of the unknown" is a device to try to explain away and marginalise legitimate opposition to Kohuiarau and its mountain of lies. When you get to know what they're about, and what they claim, the resistance is due to incredulity and amazement that anyone would believe this rubbish]

That does not mean that we of the eight Pilot Hapu are anymore special than any other Hapu. we are not. Your Hapu, wherever and whoever you are, are as equal as others.

However when the word went out at hui around the country, those few eight hapu that believed and signed up and stood up against the aggression and false accusations, are the eight Pilot Hapu that will lead the way for all other Hapu to observe and if the observing hapu desires, then they too may register if and when they alone are ready.

[The remarkable thing I've noticed about confidence tricksters over many years of watching them at work, is that they are very very convincing when they accuse the good guys of aggression and opposition. I've known cons to get away with accusing the opposition of being cons. They're very plausible]

The door will always be open for registrations as members, but Hapu Registrations to Kohuiarau cannot be accepted until the next election. A referendum was held at our first elections in December 1999 to have our first Parliamentary Term of five years shortened to eighteen months to allow other Hapu the opportunity to register. The outcome of that referendum has not been decided on. So you have a period of eighteen months or five years to wait for Hapu Registrations.

[An old marketing ploy to make the product hard to get, so everyone will want it]

At public hui held around the country it was stated by the Kohuiarau presenter and Tikanga Lawyer [Mary Christina Forbes], the Chatham Island was ready to be out in place as its own Tribal Area, when Kohuiarau reconvenes in March.

The Hapu that stood up and faced the same obstacles as the other eight hapu was Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri.

That does not mean that any other Hapu on the Chatham Island is disenfranchised.

You, if you claim to be another Hapu, can register yourself and your Hapu as a separate Hapu, but you will have to wait out the time frame that the referendum will decide.

Because of the inter-tribal marriages throughout the generations we can whakapapa to almoist alll the tribes. but at voting time you are allowed only one vote. That does not have to be in the Tribal Area you have registered in through your Hapu.

It is through your hapu that you are registered with Kohuiarau. Your registration paper asls for your hapu, waka and iwi. Those of us who whakapapa to several waka and hapu can claim one only but have the freedom to vote where they wish through whakapapa. It is your right to do this.

Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri Trust is the Chatham Island Hapu whose membership equates to more than half the voting population of the Chathams. Whether you register throught this hapu or not is your choice. It will not affect the March 4th opening either way.

[This seems to be a ploy to get people to register through Ngati Mutunga Trust, by making it difficult to register any other way.

Until October 1999 Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri was an incorporated society, controlled by its members. Now it is an incorporated trust, controlled by the trustees only]

In the case of Non-Maori
Historically tribal and hapu status was given to Non-Maori. In respect of Queen Victoria that hapu is called Ngati Wikitoria. The waka is called the Kotuku, the Heron. The Kohuiarau Royal Standard of the Reigning Monarch of Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth, is a white heron on a gold background. Non-Maori can only register through a Sovereign Marae. That is; a Marae that is outside the Incorporated Societies Act because the Incorporated Society is a New Zealand Government Body.

All Marae throughout the country are Incorporated Societies. Since 1947 they have had to do this to get funding, and are therefore outside of the Kohuiarau Infrastructure. Dramatic changes need to take place by these Marae Committees to align themselves with the Tino Rangatiratanga encapsulated in the Treaty of Waitangi and Kohuiarau Infrastructure.

[The speaker is short on facts. Not all Marae are incorporated societies. Marae Trustees are appointed by the Maori Land Court under Maori Affairs legislation, some Marae committees operate as Maori committees under the Maori Welfarte Act 1962 and its amendments, and some operate as incorporated societies. An incorporated trust is also legislated by the Parliament in Wellington, and is equally outside the "Kohuiarau structure".

This seems to be a weak justification for turning Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri into a trust, so that it could be controlled by a small group of trustees]

All Pilot Marae have made those changes by setting up outside the Incorporation structure but within New Zealand Government requirements.

On the 4th March 2000 Maori Sovereignty will have its full Authority, as agreed to at Sovereign and Hapu level in the Treaty of Waitangi.

[NOT TRUE: it didn't happen on 4th March, and will not happen, at least for a long long time]

Chiefs throughout New Zealand signed the Treaty of Waitangi. Chiefs that you and I whakapapa to. The Treaty was mandated by the Seals of Hobson, Queen Victoria and the Taiopuru of day, Waikato Tairea.

[There was no Taiopuru, and the treaty was not mandated by Waikato Tairea. In fact, in earlier years James Ngatoa used to claim that Waikato Tairea signed the Treaty at Mahia on 24th June 1840. However he made that one up, a big lie, because it was our Ngai Te Whatuiapiti tipuna Hoani Waikato who signed the Treaty as "Waikato"]

From the moment Kohuiarau reconvenes it will be as if it were in 1947 as far as laws and administration are concerned and it will up to our elected Members of Parliament to bring us up to speed. For instance, a referendum held at our elections asked to repeal -

[E hoa ma, if it was as if it were 1947, there would be no Kohuiarau at all !!]

[Postal voting is interesting. It will allow the registration of false overseas voters so that a vote can be rigged - particularly if the registered marae and hapu are controlled by trustees instead of members]

In 1947 no quotas existed. Neither will they exist in March 2000 with regard to Maori Resources and Assets, there are many other areas within Maoridom whereby hapu have been disenfranchised of their rights of Tino Rangatiratanga through acts of Parliament. These Acts are breaches of the Imperial and Patent Acts which were put in place by out Tipuna to protect us. Our Members of Parliament will address those issues at hapu and regional levels.

[March 2000 has been and gone - we've still got quotas. The Imperial and Patents Acts are figments of James Ngatoa's fertile and fraudulent imagination.

I reckon this is the key to Kohuiarau's focus on Wharekauri/Rekohu/Chathams - the richness of the fisheries asset. They are actually targeting the income from the Ngati Mutunga Maori fisheries operations, and the possible allocation of cash and quota from the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission]

Many have asked the question: How come the big Tribes are not involved. The answer is twofold.

  1. Kohuiarau operates at hapu level, not iwi level. The hapu are the pilots of their own destinations, having the backing of all other hapu around the country registered to Kohuiarau.
  2. The big tribes are iwi based and all have their structures in Incorporated Societies. It is through the Incorporation that they have benefited from huge funding rounds that have taken place over recent years. So why would the big Tribes join Kohuiarau, when, firstly they have to give back mandate to the hapu, and secondly, why change to drinking water when you're already drinking milk and honey.

[Once again, a generalised inaccurate statement that all iwi have Inc Society structures. I was part of the team that delivered the first major funding to these structures in 1986. They were Maori Trust Boards under the Maori Trust Boards Act, they were incorporated trusts, they were inc societies, they were sub-committees of the Board of Maori Affairs. They still use a variety of structures.

The real reason they do not join Kohuiarau, is that they know that Kohuiarau is a cult, a con and a scam]

Beginning in March, we the hapu, will drink of that milk and honey too. Both partners Maori and non-Maori.

[Here's the real indication that Kohuiarau is a cult. Cults always make false "milk and honey" promises and guarantees of a better life. People believe them]

The leaders of these Tribal Runanga know of Kohuiarau and have rubbished Kohuiarau to all and sundry. The hapu within these areas are going to be asking, "Why weren't we told?' sooner or later.

The hapu of Kurawaka O Waitaha do not have any grudges, and the door will always be open to help other hapu come to know their rights within Kohuiarau.

[Rangimarie Te Maiharoa, the Upoko of Waitaha withdrew Waitaha from Kohuiarau at Auckland on the morning of 4th March, before the parliamentary proceedngs began. The so-called South Island Waitaha delegation at Kohuiarau on 4th March consisted almost entirely of the Ruka family from Te Tai Tokerau]

The message of Kohuiarau has been taken throughout the country, who have invited our official spokesperson and Tikanga Lawyer, Mahinarangi Forbes [real name Mary Christina Forbes], and her Kaumatua, Kuia, Tohunga, supporters, to give presentations on the history and legalities of Te Runanga Kohuiarau. It is from these hui that word of mouth has carried this message to other hapu. Sometimes the information has been distorted to various degrees and that is the reason why this Public Hui has been called by The Trustees of Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri, to present the facts. Information that is already in the Public Arena.

["Te Putatara" monitors information given out at many public hui. And it is always based on a mountain of lies. Those who distort the Truth are James Ngatoa, Mary Christina Forbes, and their followers.

As you can see, the information given in this speech at the Chathams was a litany of lies]

In the past fifty three years the Government have never been able to settle once and for all, Maori Issues. That is because the mandate has not been with the Government or the Iwi Authorities. It has always been with the Hapu of Kohuiarau, through the Taiopuru and Upper House of Te Whare Tairea.

[The real reason is that we've never been able to generate enough political and economic power to force Government to settle. James Ngatoa and his Upper House of pretending chiefs have no mandate. They will not deliver either, but in the process you at Wharekauri/Rekohu/Chathams are in danger of losing some of your resources to Kohuiarau]

I'm sick of it, I'm sure you're sick of it. and I know most New Zealanders are sick of it. Millions of dollars of our taxes have been spent on settlements. Consultants, lawyers, accountants, middlemen and others have benefited whilst the Hapu are left with unmanageable debt.

[Some truth about consultants and lwyers etc, and some spin designed to make you angry, i.e. hapu in debt. None of my many hapu are in debt. How about yours?]

Another question is, "How come we've never heard about it?"

Kohuiarau has, through the Executive Office, passed on Press Releases to all major Newspapers in New Zealand, as well as to the TV Channels.

[When the media ring up to ask me about Kohuiarau, I always tell them that it's a scam, and not to bother]

Only on four occasions did we receive Newspapaer and TV coverage. The first was "Coming out of recess" at Alexander Park October 1997.

June 1999. 4 lines in the New Zealand Herald page 4 to say Kohuiarau was to hold a Royal Court.

December 1999

Te Karere

When you add up that amount of media coverage the question of "How come we've never heard of you?" should be addressed to the media and not us.

[The trouble for Kohuiarau is that most of the media know that Kohuiarau is a scam]

However, if you ask, "Why haven't the media printed or filmed us?" you will see answers that are rather discomforting.

The movers and shakers of our assets and resources have been entities beyond our reach. With the reinstatement of Kohuiarau their control of us reverts back to the hapu. It is not in their interest to support Kohuiarau.

These entities exert a major influence on the media.

Our information has been closed down at all fronts.

[Always blame someone else for your own shortcomings. But they can't complain about the widespread publicity I've been giving them since mid-February]

However the media have dedicated front pages and much airtime to other groups claiming sovereignty and this has only confused the public as to who Te Runanga Kohuiarau is and what it stands for.

These other groups have used histories and information of events that were put in place by Te Runanga Kohuiarau, and have worked throught the present Justice Syatem for recognition of Sovereignty as they see it.

[The pot calling the kettle black. What Kohuiarau do is to take a bit of real history and information, then use it as a framework for their own mountain of lies]

Some of the groups have even gone all the way to the Privy Council only to have their applications thrown out.

Why? Because none of these groups have the tools to authorise their applications. They are the Mandated Treaty and the "Free Carriage of Westminster" held by the Taiopuru on behalf of Maoridom (More about these tools are on tape and available through Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri)

[NOT TRUE, absolutely not true: These so-called tools are a total fabrication, invented by James Ngatoa, upon which Kohuiarau claim that they are mandated to represent Maori directly to the Sovereign. Big lie. Big big lie]

There are five groups who have had wide media coverage. they are:

Tino Rangatiratanga

Moana Jackson, a Lawyer who has gone all the way to the Hague to present their grievances, is a caring, hardworking man. With the support of the Harawira family of Ngapuhi, among others from all over the country, he has spent many hours of hard laborious research, presentations and protest. But without the "Tools", they have not been able to achieve the Tino Rangatiratanga they have sought. They have always operated on their own resources and have never taklen money from the people for their own means. they have never misrepresented Kohuiarau, or supported Kohuiarau.

[Shows that the speaker has little understanding of the broadly based Tino Rangatiratanga movement. Rather patronising about Moana Jackson. My whanaunga Moana Jackson is one of the world's leading indigenous experts on the law of treaties, and indigenous rights, and is recognised by indigenous peoples worldwide. He travels to Geneva as a non-governmental delegate to the annual United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, where his advice is sought by many other indigenous peoples. If Kohuiarau were legitimate, I am sure he would support it]

IMI International

This organisation has used Kohuiarau data and information to take money from Maori investors from Gisborne to Wellington on the East Coast and Auckland to Wellington on the West Coast. The investors were promised huge interest payments for their investments. To date no payments of either principle or interest have been paid.

The headperson of this organisation is now under investigation by the serious fraud Squad who have siezed all files and records.

The name IMI, or International Monetry Investments, is under patent and that patent is held by the Taiopuru and the Upper house of Te Runanga Kohuiarau, Te Whare Tairea.

[Mostly true, except. IMI Pacific is certainly under investigation, and it has been taken over by a Government appointed statutory manager. Investors placed about $8m with IMI, and are likely to get only 20c in the dollar back.

I have very reliable information that it was Kohuiarau that tried to piggy-back on IMI Pacific. I have the names of the Kohuiarau members who were working with IMI Pacific to try to set up a joint operation. They even registered IMI to themselves as part of this hi-jack. They cleared out when IMI Pacific got into trouble with the law, and they invented a story to cover themselves]

Paul Croot

This man is in Gaol. He used the name of Kohuiarau and its data to take money from families in Whakatane, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay area with a property investment programme that was non-existent.

[I've still got my doubts about this version of the story, but he took at least $250,000 that I know of]

The Confederation of Chiefs of Aotearoa Niu Tireni

This name is also under Patent to Kohuiarau, but has been used unlawfully by the administration using it today. They gained wide media coverage when they

  1. Took tons of schnapper in the North and gave it out for Koha to theur members
  2. Sold citizenship to Pacific Islanders and others
  3. Notified Foreign Embassies of their need to sign diplomatic agreements with themselves

[We've heard of some earlier links between them and Kohuiarau but nothing since this group ran foul of the law]

The media have always linked Kohuiarau kaupapa with the above groups. It is no fault of the general public that they are confused about the truth of what Te Runanga Kohuiarau is and what it stands for.

It has only been through the resilience and determination of the Executive of Kohuiarau and its members that we have reached this stage.

I was brought over to the Chatham Islands by the Trustees of Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri to assess and restructure or defer debt that had become unmanageable and stressful to some of its members.

While doing that I was asked to hold workshops on my Hapu of Kurawaka O Waitaha's affiliation to Kohuiarau. As members of Kohuiarau, they had the right to ask and I in turn used my Hapu rights to agree.

[As mentioned earlier, the Upoko of Waitaha has since withdrawn Waitaha from Kohuiarau]

At those workshops the information given was talked about in the wider community and interpretations of interpretations were made of that information until once again confusion set in.

This public meeting was called by the Trustees of Ngati Mutunga O Wharekauri to present the facts and I have done that.

[And I have used the verbatim transcript of that presentation to show that it is still a crock of lies - no confusion at all]

I am not the official spokesperson of Kohuiarau. But everything I have said is in the Public Arena and I have not trodden on the Mana of this Hapu, or that of our Executive.

Thank you.

[Presentation ends]

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