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This is no doubt related to the fairytale kohuiarau peddles about treaties between kohuiarau and various countries it established relations with in the 19th & 20th centuries. Many of these countries just didn't exist at the time or were insignificant backwaters of empires that have long gone. Some years ago, I remember seeing little flags pinned to a wall map in their HQ which they claimed kohuiarau had treaties with. I thought to myself these places didn't exist until post World War I and even World War II. Many of these countries only got independance and bona fide governments in the 1960's. I also remember asking to see copies of these treaties but like the 'dogskin treaty of waitangi' with the three seals, they were secretly hidden and in the care of the inner circle. This seems to be a feature of kohuairau. I note from that website you identified, how they refer to a meeting of chiefs at Kohimarama in the 19th century. Wharehuia Milroy disputes the claim that Tuhoe chiefs attended that hui. Tuhoe happened to have their own hui at about the same time, at a place with the same name but at Waikaremoana. He actually points the finger at Dave Simmons for creating kohuiarau. It makes sense to me as well. I have actually seen Simmons carrying certain taonga which was later used by their taepuru as his symbols of rangatiratanga, all of which came from the Auckland Museum. Only Simmons could have got them out of the museum as he was for many years the ethnologist there even though he is retired. It also makes sense because he has been in a position whereby he was able (and possibly still can) access information from the museum like whakapapa and certain historical information and manipulate it to support the kaupapa of kohuiarau. The others like Mary Forbes, Dan Davis, Robin Edwards are too dumb to work it all out. They just fanatically believe in the crap, peddle it and add to it. Interestingly though, I have never heard them or anyone else associated with kohuiarau for that matter ever mention Simmonds by name.    


Tena koe Ross I have to agree with you 100% regarding your views about kohuiarau.   This is an organisaion which has yet to offer a thread of evidence about their claims.  I want to know more information about this Taiopuru...From the feedback I've been getting he is a very undesireable individual. 

My first experience with this mob was absolutely laughable (you can read about it in letters to the editor in an isue of Tu Mai magazine). The ring leaders of this cult claim they have can enact direct access to the queen of england which I am yet to see proof of.  They also have a sheep skin treaty which the speaker of the house sits on in parliament - This Taiopuru also has a band of minders (who wear white gloves when in his presence).  Laughing yet????

In the eighties they sent a bunch of Manuka sticks around the country to people who they perceived as sympathetic to their crusade.  A few mates of mine received them - they were told to get themselves to a hui at Holy Sep church in Auckland where they would be asked to hand over some dollars for the privilege of meeting the Taiopuru.   Once at the church they would be told to state their name whereupon the Taiopuru would recite their whakapapa thus proving his status as some sort of immortal demi god.  Those who didn't take money would not be allowed to take any further part in the process.

From what I can gather he also tried to hijack the first Maori Congress hui by using an old lady who is now decessed in order to gain entry to the Taupo hui.  As well as that he tried to hoodwink a mate of mine to help him as well...the main reason behind the Taiopuru's decsion to get others involved was largely based around his inability to speak Maori or understand it(notwithstanding that he claims to be able to speak an ancient Maori dialect only taught to the Taiopuru and those around him).

Some of their literature simply doesn't stack up as well - "The Seven main tribal regions" which they speak of is nothing less that a fantasised version of what pakeha historians wrote about Maori.  Which brings me to the next point..much of this nonsense can be attributed to Dr David Simmonds formally of Auckland university.

Oh well I can go on much more - but from where I sit Kohuiarau is a well thought out cunning plan by a few people.  I want to know where their so called riches are comming from to fund their schemes.


Well first of all I would encourage you to strongly resist this group because they are a well established scamming organisation.  I know people who were involved and have since left totally disillusioned at it's practices.  Kohuiarau is currently ocupying a building in Otahuhu where they are based.  

I have in the past asked one of it's ring leaders ie Mary Forbes (who also goes by two other alias names ie Mere Forbes and Mahinarangi when she's trying to be flash...oh yeah she's not to be confused with TV reporter Mihinarangi Forbes) about funding of this organisation and she has "never" answered of these fact on the occasion I did manage to ask this question she walked out of the interview.

They say they're here to help Maori out of the poverty trap.   Since it's so called re-birth in the mid 90's Kohuiarau has not helped one Marae, or even a single soul for that matter.  I have yet to see any evidence of this rebuilding process which you often here their spin doctors talking about.   Following their first shin dig they were supposed to have establishments up and running the following year working with the government - this has not yet happened.

The Taiopuru is a well established con artist himself having been investigated for fruad on several occassionsand and goes under several alias names. 

In the 80's he was running government funded building courses at Umupuia Marae for young Maori.  However he tried to used money set aside for the project to build his very own little parliamentry building.  He was subsequently caught out and given his marching orders from the Marae.  He'd even gone as far as pegging out the foundations for this building.  No one ever knew what happened to the money which was estimated to be as much as 30-thousand dollars.  

You must remember that this information was offered to me - while I was researching background on Kohuiarau.   I am also willing to bet my house on the fact that Taiopuru did not show up to the meeting which your brother did.  Instead they send in Mary Forbes Oh yeah - next time your brother meets with these people - get him to ask them what the Taiopuru's real name is ie the one the police know him as.

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