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Paengo Whawha 1001 April 2001 Volume 1, Issue 1

2001 Elections for Ko Huiarau


Despite the attempts by some individuals within Ko Huiarau to place Ko Huiarau into recess and contrary to reports in the press and electronic media, Ko Huiarau Parliament continues to function. Ko Huiarau administration wish to inform all electorates that the plans, aspirations, passions and determination that drive the kaupapa of Ko Huiarau, continue to do so. Nothing has changed, and in fact, registrations continue to be received. Since January 2001, 500 new registrations have been received.

The next elections for the following Parliamentary term will continue as planned. Hapu are encouraged to prepare for their own development and management of their own resources. Ko Huiarau acknowledges that issues will arise from time to time and thank the kaitiaki hapu, Ngati Whawhakia and Ngati Wairere for their continued assistance, support and involvement and hospitality which enable all parties concerned to meet, discuss and move towards the resolving of this current issue.

Ko Huiarau is grateful for the support of its members and reaffirms its commitment to the provisions of an alternative system for the benefit of all peoples of Aotearoa.


Elections in June will be carried out by Postal Ballot as a result of a Referendum voted for during the last election process.

This means that there will be no polling booths established in each Electorate. This will allow all registered Electors to cast their votes and return them by post in the self stamped envelope that will be included in the upcoming mail out.

Voting papers will be forwarded to all registered Ko Huiarau voters, including those residing overseas , together with instructions on how to vote and where to send your completed ballots. The election will still occur in June 2001 and the results will be published thereafter.

Eligibility to vote has now been extended to those 18 years and older - also as a result of the referendum held last election.

Those Electorates unable to participate in the upcoming Elections who were unable to reach the required 1% Registration Of Adult Population of their Electorates are as follows;

A referendum will be included in this years Election for these Electorates, to apply for a By-Election if they reach their target of I% by September 2002.


The following Electorates that have reached the required I% Registration Of Adult Population will participate in the upcoming 2001 Elections;

- Nga Puhi.

- Tainui Hauraki.

- Tainui Maniapoto.

- Te Arawa.

- Mataatua.

- Kahungunu Tahi ki Wairoa.

- Kahungunu Rua ki Heretaunga.

-Kahunganu Wha ki to Ati Awa North


A referendum will be included in the voting process which will contain two referenda:

The opportunity to cast your vote to determine whether the Electorates who were unable to reach the required I% Registration Of Adult Population, can apply for a By-Election by 1st September, 2002, and those Electorates that did not fill all Member of Parliament and Runanga Representative positions by the forthcoming Elections, may apply for a ByElection for those positions by I st September, 2002

There are no other changes to the voting process and elections will continue as previously advised. Any further queries concerning the election process, please contact:

The Returning Officer PO Box 68-645 Newton Auckland Contact No (07) 829.9914

PLEASE NOTE! If you receive a registration form in the post, it means that you are already registered Please do not fill out again, but pass on to another whanau or friend who have not yet registered

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