far from Vietnam

Don't you reckon boss
over there you know
the old people were there
too, looking after us,
must have been, eh boss.

Well I always knew they
were there anyway - I
could sense that they
were there, eh.
Not the only one either boss.

I reckon you knew
they were there.
Yep. You didn't say so,
but we knew you knew
too, I could tell that boss.

So who needs them, these
shits back here boss.
The old people will look after us..

Something else too boss
you needed us scouts
we kept you fullahs alive
didn't we boss,
out front all the time
your eyes and ears, and
a lot more too eh.

We were good too boss
I reckon we were anyway
The best I reckon eh
don't you think so - I
thought you might
but it's good to hear
you say so. Like,
we knew that
anyway man, but
it's good to know that.

You know boss, we might
be getting old, and they
don't give a shit about us,
but we were the best.
We know that.

Ae, we were the best
I reckon.

Ross Nepia Himona