WARNING - Swear Words Below!

On 23rd May 2001, in the KiwiVets email discussion group, Mike Subritzsky told the story of how his 1995 book, The Vietnam Scrapbook, was conceived over a few beers at the Picton RSA, and compiled from material contributed from many sources.

His tale of its conception was faithful to the original discussion, and contained a few "fuckin's" and "cunts" and "bastards". He preceded it with "WARNING - Swear Words Below". A few veterans in the discussion group took exception and demanded an apology, which was immediately forthcoming.

I thought it was all a bit precious for Vietnam veterans. Felt sorry for a fellow soldier poet. Sent Mike this bit of doggerel to help cheer him up.

I posted this warning in the email list to those who might be tempted:

Kia ora koutou   "WARNING - Swear Words Below" is a poem I've written and sent to fellow poet Mike Subritzsky to help cheer him up.

NOW, THIS IS A WARNING.   It is absolutely foul, so if you decide to go there be prepared to be deeply offended. And don't say you weren't warned. And don't complain to me if you can't resist the temptation to take a peek (-:  

Ross N Himona.


WARNING - Swear Words Below!

Subritzsky you fuckin' bastard,
don't use those fuckin' swear words,
in our Vietnam Veterans group,
you mad Polish cunt.

Just who do you think you are Subritzsky,
some famous bard or summat,
like Robbie Fuckin' Burns perhaps?
You're not the fuckin' foulmouthed Muse
of Merry Fuckin' Caledonia, mate.
You're just a mad Polish cunt.

Subritzsky you fuckin' bastard,
fuckin' veterans don't fuckin' swear,
'cause now we're fuckin' society cunts.
So who do you think you are Subritzsky,
foul mouth common fuckin' soldier,
you mad Polish cunt.

Bugger me Subritzsky !
We want a fuckin' apology

you mad Polish Count.

Ross Nepia Himona


To which Mike responded

Kia Ora Ross,

Many thanks for the web page and personal poem. I am deeply honoured

I wrote this short verse a few years ago, but Ross, I think I'll dedicate to
a just as crazy Maori chap, and his mates:


(A tribute to Ross H and the men of Victor 1 Company RNZIR, Viet Nam).

Where's me fuckin' rifle?
Where's me fuckin' pack?
Where's me fuckin' webbing?
and - where's the fuckin' track?

I'm sick of fuckin' walkin'!
I'm sick of fuckin' rain!
I'm sick of fuckin' jungle bashing!
and - I'm doin' it a-fuckin'-gain!

It's full of fuckin' noises!
It's full of fuckin' birds!
It's full of fuckin' snakes and shit!
and - it's full of fuckin' lurgs!

I hate the fuckin' Army!
I hate the fuckin' Camp!
I hate the fuckin' RSM!
and - I hate this fuckin' tramp!

Another fuckin' contact!
Another fuckin' war!
Another fuckin' body count!
and - another fuckin' score!

So - where's me fuckin' rifle?
me fuckin' webbing too!
I've found me fuckin' discharge docs!

Mike Subritzky 1972
28th ANZUK Regiment