Wayfinders 2

Driving in the city just
this morning it came to me
like driving rain rushing
from the darkness smash
against the windscreen
the answer to
a question
dancing in the mind about
Helen Clark

How come
with all that impressive
brainpower intelligence high
intellect even
(compared to those dwarfs
in parliament anyway)

How come
she still pales beside
the remembrance of
Norman Kirk

Big Norm
unschooled formally uneducated
lived in his heart as well
as his head
knew that
vision for a nation is
in the hearts and minds and
souls of men and
women not
upon myriad policies and
programmes and
masses of details of
everything but the
heart borne dreams and
ambitions of ordinary people

Big Norm
was a Wayfinder.

Ross Nepia Himona