Te Karere Ipurangi

TOP Wants to work with Māori Party for 2020 election | Māori Television - https://t.co/brY7WTXW1E

Deportation of Aboriginal man from Australia 'ridiculous' | RNZ News - https://t.co/SIlrtZZVVe

South Auckland marae to receive $1mil from Māori Housing Fund | Māori Television - https://t.co/HFXEWPlVs5

Long-running land dispute resolved as Parliament passes Waitara Lands Bill | RNZ News - https://t.co/vFKk5zgPx9

Harcourts promises not to repeat 'culturally offensive' ad portraying marae for sale | https://t.co/zZQsZ3fPwf - https://t.co/yuOyYYFQi7

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