Kohuiarau File
The Considered Opinion of Geoffrey Fuimaono Karena
Victoria University Student


A short exchange of emails in which Geoffrey exposes us to the benefits of his university learning and his superior knowledge, and expresses his opinions about the editor of


From: Geoffrey Fuimaono Karena
To: Ross Himona

Well Ross you did your best to disavow any knowledge of a more ancient history of our people than the pakeha version sadly though mate you did not achieve that as the people do not believe you, never mind haere tonu ne.


To: Geoffrey Fuimaono Karena
From: Ross Himona

Be great if you'd tell me what the hell you're talking about. I like to know why I'm being abused.


From: Geoffrey Fuimaono Karena
To: Ross Himona

Oops, well maybe I misunderstood you Ross, I do not mean to be abusive nor do I wish to get offside with you, but is it not, your claim that the present Tai-O-Puru Waikato Tairea is not who or what he claims to be, and that the amazing picture he/they paint(s), that of a society which is fundamentally much more vibrantly creative, harmonious and antagonistic than the pakeha at first thought does not really exist. The view you hold appears to be rather euro-centrist, and your evidence for some of your claims are based mainly on assertions rather than pure scientific research.

For that reason you leave yourself wide open for abuse, as you put it. The view Ko Huiarau holds is that of an ancient history that spans the Middle East, Iberia, North and South America, all of the Pacific, Russia, in fact all of the planet. Which you because of your position as the editor of the governments main "brainwashing paper" Putatara, totally disagree with.

Your continual tirade over the net against this Independence movement of sovereign self-determination has been replicated in all countries world-wide where the Indigenous people have demanded independence from a brutalising colonisor, such as we have here in Aotearoa. But then in saying that Ross the disservice you do our people is more in the way you have without permission taken it upon yourself to attempt to warn the people like it is personel vendetta, that is not your role.

We all agree that through intelligent debate we can critically analyse issues that are pertinent to the Tribes, and that we must always be dilligent in exposing any discrepencies any of our leaders make if and when they attempt to assume power. But by revealing these inadequacies in light and at the detriment of Iwi Independence, through the negative characterisation of Independence movements such as Ko Huiarau, you set the peoples agenda back unnecessarily, as you become ensconced in the character and not the issue, why can we not see what they have to offer before they are discounted. Plus your continued attacks on Ko Huiarau is obviously a govt ploy which for analysts of ancient Iwi society is easily ridiculed. It seems to be based on an obvious flaw in the reseach design you use to come to your conclusions, or else you are a Kupapa and do not know it.

Possibly you believe the anthropologists theory, enforced in this coutry by the colonisors or you have a personal problem with one of the members of the present Ko Huiarau administration. Well Ross we are not interested in your personel opinions only the facts.

Although in true post-realist, post colonialist and post modernist fashion, in disagreeing with everything to do with the possibilities of Iwi being the originators of the entire human race, typically you can offer no alternative solution, just worthless rhetoric and inuendo.

This is antithesis to the fact that the possibilities of Iwi in fact having a system such as that stipulated by Waikato Tairea Mahinaarangi Forbes, and Koro Pipi. And as such we of the National Iwi Independence Party insist that you remove your webpage from the net forthwith, and that if Ko Huiarau ressembles oppression and subjugation which  you assert then, you sir take the cake, what is more oppressive than having to read your unsubstantiated claims. The only concept that we should really be progressing today is the one that proclaims Iwi Independence, Self-Determination, and Sovereignty nothing else.

So come on bro get with the program, and you will notice I do not swear in my emails maybe you could reciprocate.

Geoff Karena

Kohuirau File