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Solomon Islands Coup Supplement - June 2000



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Commentary by R.N.Himona
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News Items

For some time after the coup in the Solomon Islands, nearly all telecommunications with the outside world were cut off. For about 18 hours this website, Te Karere Ipurangi, was the only media receiving any news from the Solomons, via a much appreciated email link with the Solomons Islands Broadcasting Corporation newsroom. The intenational media with their vast resources has since caught up, but SIBC news will still be posted here.

05 June 2000 - Transcript from Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation
06 June 2000 -
SIBC transcript of 10.00am news
06 June 2000 -
SIBC transcript of 6.00pm news
07 June 2000 -
SIBC transcript of 10.00am news
07 June 2000 -
SIBC transcript of 6.00pm news
08 June 2000 -
SIBC transcript of 6.00pm news
12 June 2000 -
Press Release (Bougainvillian Incursion)


Commentary by R.N.Himona

06 June 2000 - Constitutions and governance


Other Commentary

18 May 2000 - Cuban Govt refutes talks with Solomon Islands
12 June 2000 -
An American strategic view from
29 June 2000 -
Why Solomon Islands must save its nationhood, by Rence Sore


Analysis and Background Information

Beyond ethnicity: understanding the crisis in the Solomon Islands by Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka of the University of the South Pacific

Map of Solomon Islands
CIA Factbook - Solomon Islands
21 May 2000 - Amnesty International Release
Background news reports
Background documents
Solomon Islands Web Directory
Solomons Government directory

The Harare Commonwealth Declaration
signed at Harere, Zimbabwe 21 October 1991.


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