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by Ross Nepia Himona,

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Soldiering On


The Way of the Warrior
The Secret
Sun Tzu's Art of War
Professional Soldier
Officers Should Not Carry Parcels
Yours sincerely
Conversations far from Vietnam
Softly I Hear You
Anzac Prayer 2001
Sweet Bugle for Jack
Shalom Ya'akov

To A Dying Soldier
Warning - Swear Words Below
Tuesday, 18th March 2003
Haiku for the Children of Iraq

For a Dying Soldier (traditional)
Vietnam Paradox
Weapons of Mass Destruction



Wayfinder Series


Wayfinders 1
Wayfinders 2
Wayfinders 3
Wayfinders 4

Wayfinders 5
Wayfinders 6
Wayfinders 7





Reflections on Running
Uneventful Run Home
Public Bloody Servant
Half Tree Hill
I Dream a Dream
Haiku Mataariki
A Dream for Mataariki

To Wellington
George Tokomauri Himona
The Heart of the Rose
Love Poem
Airport Haiku



Links to the NZ Soldier Poets

John Moller
Mike Subritzsky
Ross Himona Online

Peter Earsman
James Lott





And other favourites



Ozymandias by P.B.Shelley
French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific
by Shirley-Anne MacKellar

Bring me Flowers by Bub Bridger
Blatant Resistance by Bub Bridger


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