nga reta panui ki te iwi whanui

"Te Hokioi" me "Te Pihoihoi Mokemoke"


These are Maori language newsletters from the 19th century. At the time of the land wars in the Waikato these two newsletters conducted a war of words, vying for the hearts and minds of the Maori people of the Waikato. "Te Hokioi" was the voice of the Maori, and "Te Pihoihoi Mokemoke" the voice of the Pakeha engaged in an attempt to steal those hearts and minds.

It is ever so.

The newsletters were transcribed to electronic format by Clem Earp of Melbourne and very kindly given to this website.


"Te Hokioi"

15th June 1862
9th October 1862
18th November 1862
8th December 1862
15th January 1863
15th February 1863
24th March 1863
26th April 1863
21st May 1863

"Te Pihoihoi Mokemoke"

2nd February 1863
10th February 1863
23rd February 1863
9th March 1863